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Telephone, 10-4 EST: +1 703 838-5737
Business Office:
Absolute International
3139 Mount Vernon Avenue
Alexandria, VA 22305, USA
* Please note: No walk-in service at this location.

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    Check out our Customer Service FAQs to common questions or concerns

    Although the vast majority of orders are processed, shipped and delivered with no issues, of course from time to time, there’s an issue. We pride ourselves on dealing with issues efficiently. Below are some typical questions. Please review these, and if they do not fully answer your question or concern, please get in touch with us. We’re always happy to help!

    Do you ship to my country?

    Chances are yes. We offer “Worldwide Delivery”. Obviously there are exceptions. To check, simply create a free account on our site. If you don’t see your country listed on the form, then we may still be able to ship to you, so call or email us for details.

    How do you ship?

    We ship exclusively via the postal service. Highly reliable, reasonable rates, with tracking for most countries.
    What is the status of my order?
    You can always check your order status by logging into your account on our site. Also, we’ll send you a order shipped email once it has been completed.
    Where is my tracking number?
    Once shipped, you’ll get two shipping confirmation emails with your tracking number. One from us directly, and another from our shipping partner you can also see your tracking number by logging into your account on our site, and selecting “Order History”.
    Why hasn’t my order been processed?
    We ask for 2-3 days to process and ship international orders. In rare cases, we may ask for more time if we have a stock issue with the product ordered, or if we’re not satisfied with the quality of the product on our shelves, we may bring in new inventory to fulfill your order. This can add a day or two to processing time.
    Tracking seems to have stalled, what’s going on?
    In some countries, the postal service does not scan or offer tracking of US packages. Rest assured, your package is still moving. In these cases, you’ll see tracking up to the point of departure from the US, then nothing more until it is delivered. Also in some countries customs clearance takes many days (Australia, can be very slow). Please understand, we have no control over delivery time or customs clearance times once we hand a package over to the postal service.
    My order seems stuck in customs, please check it.
    All packages eventually clear customs. Some countries take longer than others. We obviously have no control over clearance times, and have no ability to check status of this process.
    My order has not arrived as yet, can you check on it?
    Once a package has left the hands of the USPS, and is now in the hands of an overseas postal service – the information we have available to us is what you can see on tracking data. There is no mechanism for us to chase up a package on foreign soil. Postal service is very reliable, and just about all packages arrive in a timely manner. However delays do occur: postal issues, customs delays can and do happen from time to time. Just about all packages, do get released from customs, within a reasonable amount of time. Those very few where no details are available to the recipient in the country of destination, that are lost, stolen or held beyond a reasonable amount of time – we re-ship or refund 100%. We do request 21 days from date of shipment, before re-shipping.
    What are taxes and duty for my country?
    Most countries publish their rates on their website. It’s a simple lookup. We do not maintain a record of current rates ourselves.