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  1. Love the terrific aroma and taste of this blend. The Cru Royale is my go-to Macanudo cigar.

  2. Flor de Oliva natural Robusto has received 5 stars from me, because it arrived from A.C. in pristine condition, no cracks, all the way to Saskatchewan Canada and after a rest of 4 days or so in my humidor, i decided to have one to test while the others continue to rest for another 2 weeks. On draw test, it was good airflow not tough, and a sweet taste was noticed. After light up, i can taste sweetness and a slight leathery note. This continues into the 2nd third, then chances from sweet taste to a more peppery leather note but not strong, mostly the medium mild strength. Throughout, it has has a perfect burn, round ring and inch and a half ash before falling even in this wind on my deck. Final third comes for me a woody note, with pepper and spice, and a slight increase to strength as i finish it to a nub.

    I look forward to the rest and how they differ once rested longer.

  3. I really liked perfecto shaped cigars the unique shape and the different tastes in the AJ Fernandez cigar sampler, loving it looking forward to new set of perfecto samplers in the future, great satisfied with the order i made, premium quality. just the customer server need a little attention, all good though, thank you once again.

  4. All premium cigars in the Gukkha sampler, really liked it and will definitely order again in coming days…thank you.

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    Binder – Honduran
    Filler – Honduran
    Wrapper – Ecuador Connecticut
    Size – Corona – 4.5” x 44

    A strong salty blast at the start with some leather and earth notes. Saltiness dies down after about 15 minutes. From this point leather and earth are the prominent flavours together with some light pepper and spice. Overall a medium cigar with no strength.

    Cigar is well constructed and burns consistently all the way through

    Smoke time – circa 30 minutes

    My thanks to Absolute Cigars for this cigar and their excellent customer service.

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    Somewhere in the Clouds by Keys of Moon |
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