Corona Grande, Natural (Tubo) - Box of 25
Corona Grande, Natural (Tubo) - Box of 25
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Don Tomas Clasico Corona Grande, Natural (Tubo) – Box of 25

Cigar Length
6 1/2
Ring Guage
Corona Grande
Availability: In Stock
Country of Origin

Don Tomas Corona Grande cigars are world famous for their mild-to-medium bodied taste along with superb cigar construction. This is a blend of premium Havana seed tobaccos put together from no less than four nations that deliver a mild and full-flavored cigar smoking experience. These are 100% handcrafted long-filler premium cigars that deliver smooth flavors of toast, coffee and spices. Don Tomas Classico cigars are always one of our very best selling premium cigars.

Questions about Don Tomas Corona Grande cigars? Email or call us Toll free 866 838-9463. As always, worldwide delivery on all premium Don Tomas cigars!


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    1. Philip Milley (verified owner)

      I was taken first by the incredibly smooth and veinless wrapper, which shone with oils. I smoked this at an event and many people were asking me what I was smoking because they thought it smelt so good. As I smoked it I realized how much potential this cigar has for me as an avid smoker. It's not to full bodied or overpowering, nor too light where the smoke isn't fulfiling. I think the flavour is perfect. I think the price is in fact quite modest.

    2. Norman Lapierre (verified owner)

      This is definitely one to keep in your humidor. Smooth draw, great burn and good for 1+ hour. I am ordering a box. Don't get hung up on "cubans", sure many are quite good, but don't discount the tobaccos from Honduras and Nicaragua. A fine addition to your humidor.

    3. IaianFrancis (verified owner)

      These Don Tomas Clasicos are a great mild smoke which lasts for an hour or more. Great quality, I have not had a bad stick yet.

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