acid c-note cigars image
acid c-note cigars image
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Acid C-Note – Five packs of five (25 cigars)

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Country of Origin

This unique and highly aromatic cigarillo is handmade in Nicaragua by Drew Estates.

Acid C Notes are made to the finest standards of cigar construction from some of the finest tobaccos in Nicaragua delivering a one-of-a-kind flavor and aroma.

Questions about Acid C-Note cigars? Call Toll free 866 838-9463. Worldwide delivery on all Acid cigars!



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Brand Profile

Acid cigars are made in Nicaragua with over 140 botanicals, oils and herbs. They come in a variety of shades and shapes. The fine Nicaraguan cigars range from mild to full bodied. Truly unique cigars, unlike anything you have ever smoked.

Acid Cigars are known as the best-kept secret in Nicaragua. Only a handful of westerners have been permitted to enter the small cigar factory. Once inside , a half dozen highly trained tobacco blenders scurry about, checking and rechecking tobacco blends and raw material. Over two hundred different herbs and oils line the blending wall leading from the aroma room to the rolling area, which is mysteriosly perched on a large outside deck.

Acid cigars are made by hand in Nicaragua, using all natural materials only. Each Acid cigar has a distinct flavor and bouquet, pleasing to the senses of the palate and spirit.

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    1. Philip Milley (verified owner)

      The best tasting small cigar out there. These guys are so much fun to smoke with a brilliant taste. These burn for 20 minutes and smell terrific.

    2. PeterB (verified owner)

      Certainly are unique little guys. I bought a box of 100 and was a bit surprised by the heady perfume that assailed my nostrils when I cracked open the box. Thought they'd be too spicy but actually not bad at all and last 20 minutes, give or take. I handed out several tonight and though the hard core Habanos guys thought them too small and spicey, the rest of the boys enjoyed the C-Notes. Think maybe I'll try some of the larger sizes next.

    3. jewishprideandhonor (verified owner)

      I loved the flavor of these they were so good even my wife loves them! They're the only cigars she'll smoke.

    4. ScottP (verified owner)

      Great aromatic small cigar. Highly recommended.

    5. Tony (verified owner)

      I'm not a fan of everything in the <i>Acid cigar</i> line but the <i>Acid C-Note</i> is my new favorite midday cigar. They have a smooth, very clean flavor profile that goes great with lighter fare. Mild but very interesting.

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