Reserva No. 48, Maduro - Single
Reserva No. 48, Maduro - Single
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Reserva No. 48, Maduro – Single

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Country of Origin
Dominican Republic

Anejo is Spanish for "Aged refined". These very rare Arturo Fuente Añejos No. 48 cigars have a blend of Opus X, Don Carlos, and Hemingway filler, with Connecticut broadleaf maduro wrappers that are cured in cognac barrels for 6-8 months after they've been aged. 

International delivery available on Arturo Fuente Anejos Reserva No. 48 cigars.


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Cigar Length
Ring Guage
7 x 48
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Brand Profile

Arturo Fuente Anejo cigars are more than just the finest smoking enjoyment a cigar aficionado can experience. They represent four generations of a cigar family tradition, that include love, pride, and personal sacrifices. Every Arturo Fuente cigar carries the personal family touch that makes it one of the world’s finest.

Only the highest quality vintage tobaccos and hand workmanship go into Arturo Fuente cigars, making them a blend of art and cigar craftsmanship. Each cigar leaf is personally selected from a private family reserve set aside exclusively for the making of these fine Dominican cigars. Blended with the finest Arturo Fuente tobaccos, internationally recognized for their superiority, the Arturo Fuente cigar is then skillfully rolled with wrapper tobaccos which are the most expensive and sought after wrapper tobacco in the world.

The honor of making an Arturo Fuente cigar is given only to the most gifted cigar makers, those with the rare cigar rolling skills needed o create these uniquely blended premium cigars. Taking absolutely no short cuts, every critical step is done completely by hand, to ensure a finished cigar without parallel.

Arturo Fuente Anejo cigars are then aged in Spanish Cedar vaults to a peak of perfection to create a marriage of the blends producing an excellent individualistic heavyweight cigar to be counted among the worlds finest.

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    1. Gilles (verified owner)

      I've been buying from for a year now, and this is one of the best smokes I've hade from them. Perfect looking dark stick, really firm between the fingers, but Oh so sweet on the taste buds. Lit and smoked perfectly from start to finish, never once did it deviate from a cilindrical burn. Didn't want it to end, lucky I got more from the sampler. I will definetly get more(box). A must try for the strong at heart!

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