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Ashton Aged Maduro No 60 – 5 Pack

Cigar Length
7 1/2
Ring Gauge
Double Corona
Availability: In Stock
Country of Origin
Dominican Republic

Ashton Aged Maduro Number 60 cigars are full strength double corona cigars with a sweet tobacco character. There are hints of cinnamon and a smooth nuttiness, and the finish is light. Ashton Aged cigars are handcrafted by the Fuentes and aged to perfection resulting in sweet herbal notes and a superb toasty flavor.

Experienced cigar smokers will tell you, it’s not a secret that many of the top cigars in the world these days are now produced in the Dominican Republic.  Superb cigars with a wide range of flavors profiles and strengths, from nicely mild to complex and robust. Recently Cigar Aficionado published their latest list of ‘Top Dominican Cigars to Buy Now’, and the Ashton Maduro Number 60 cigar was on the list. A cigar that’s top-rated and smoking beautifully right now.

Have questions about Ashton Aged Maduro # 60 cigars? Email us anytime or contact us through any of our social media channels. Worldwide cigar delivery available on all Ashton Aged Maduro cigars.  Looking to fill up your cart with some other terrific cigars? Take some intel from other recent buyers of Ashton Maduros, who’ve also bought the sister brand, Ashton Heritage at the same time. Another highly rated premium you’ll want in your humidor.



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Ashton Aged Maduro cigars are a superb 92 rated blend derived from a luscious profile comprised of vintage binders and filler tobaccos at the core of fine Connecticut Broad leaf wrapper.  The Ashton Maduro cigar is a sweet and approachable smoke with nuanced deep tasting notes that will captivate you from first light to final puff.

The slow and deliberate natural fermentation process is never rushed when it comes to the exquisite Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper which ensures the deepness of flavor in Ashton Aged Maduro cigars. Along with the vintage Dominican tobaccos at the core of this handmade cigar, the results are notes of dark cocoa, almond, molasses, maple, and note of pepper. Ashton Aged Maduro cigars are the perfect pairing with a fine coffee, rum, or cognac. Enjoy!

Founder Robert Levin, established the Ashton cigar brand during the early 1980s. As an experienced veteran of the cigar industry, Levin’s upbringing in the 1950s and 60s revolved around working in his father’s cigar shop. He took the reigns of the business in the 1970s and after several years of steady growth, Levin applied his ambition to create his own cigar brand.

Thus Ashton cigars were introduced to the market in 1985 and shortly thereafter, Levin began a collaboration with the legendary Fuente family, a partnership that brought to Ashton the Fuentes unparalleled talent, devotion, and enthusiasm for premium-grade tobaccos and second-to-none craftmanship. Carlos Fuente Sr. and his son, Carlito Fuente, had been making premium cigars for generations, this partnership was the perfect fit, and Ashton flourished.

For over a century, the Fuente family has adhered to uncompromising standards of taste, construction, and consistency, which has continued to draw consumers to their cigars. The family’s capability to embrace and absorb the production of Ashton while preserving their own cigars exceptional level of quality is remarkable.

Levin successfully expanded the Ashton portfolio to meet the changing preferences of cigar enthusiasts by introducing several iconic blends, including the original Ashton Classic, Ashton Aged Maduro, Ashton Cabinet, Ashton VSG, Ashton ESG, and more. To this day, the company adheres closely to the formula of brand building, longevity, and tradition.

Presently, Ashton is a father-and-son collaboration, with Robert Levin and his son, Sathya Levin, at the helm. Together, they maintain and expand the company’s extensive reputation for crafting premium cigars of superior quality with prestige brands. The Levin and Fuente families share a common ambition to produce the world’s finest cigars. This is the true foundation of their partnership, and the result is an ever-thriving cigar portfolio of classic Ashton cigars.

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