ashton cabinet cigars box image
ashton cabinet cigars box image
No. 7 - Box of 25
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Belicoso - 5 Pack
Belicoso No. 2  - Box of 27
Untold Story, Single - Extremely Rare!
Untold Story, Single - Extremely Rare!
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Ashton Cabinet No. 3 – Box of 20

Cigar Length
Ring Guage
Availability: In Stock
Country of Origin
Dominican Republic

The Cabinet’s 4-5 year old Dominican filler blend has a rich, complex & well rounded taste. The extraordinary Connecticut shade wrapper is aged for an extra year & has an elegant palamino color resulting in a smooth, creamy flavor.

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With its glistening, sleek chestnut-hued Connecticut-Shade wrapper covering a sensational blend of select Dominican tobaccos aged for five to seven years, Ashton Cabinet Selection cigars embody an obsession with the tobacco aging process. An ultra-refined profile develops with voluptuous, velvety texture and notes of cashew, white pepper, almond and coffee bean. The extended fermentation and aging truly adds dimensions of flavor as only the patient passage of time allows for optimal flavors to emerge for you to experience.

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