Cordials - Box of 25
Cordials - Box of 25
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Belicoso - 5 Pack
Deciembre - 5 Pack
Toro - 5 Pack
Pancho  - Pack of 20
Churchill Extra - Box of 24

Ashton Cordials – Box of 25

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Country of Origin
Dominican Republic

The Ashton Cordial is simply a terrific small cigar with a unique blend that is the hallmark of Ashton cigars is comprised of specially aged select Dominican leaves that are surrounded with a smooth shade grown Connecticut wrapper. Ashton Cordials are handcrafted by Arturo Fuente in the Dominican Republic,.  A mild petit corona cigar that's mild with a creamy draw with a signature Ashton flavor and aroma that is always consistent.

Ashton Classic cigars are one of those lines that are a go-to premium for cigar lovers of all experience levels.  You just need to have a desire and appreciation for quality and flavor, and we all have that right?  Get your Ashton Cordial cigars shipped worldwide, from us to your door.



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    1. Stacks Overflow (verified owner)

      I didn't like it much, mainly because the tastes weren't well integrated. This was due to the wrapper – shade doesn't cut it here – an Ecuadorian Sumatra would have been better suited, or a maduro. Still, an excellent "old man" cigar, but without wimpyness or grassy tastes.

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