23 Year Salute - 5 Pack
23 Year Salute - 5 Pack
23 Year Salute - 5 Pack
23 Year Salute - 5 Pack
Corona - 5 Pack

Ashton ESG 23 Year Salute – 5 Pack

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Country of Origin
Dominican Republic

Rich with a bold complexity, the Ashton Estate Sun Grown 23 cigar takes its place as one of the truly legendary cigars. This powerful statement is made with the greatest of confidence. A confidence backed by the reputation of the creators of this unique cigar, who themselves have been behind so many legendary cigars.  Carlos Fuente Jr.'s reputation is borne from many years of growing and blending the absolute finest tobaccos in the world. The result, for those lucky enough to acquire Ashton ESG 23 cigars is a cigar experience beyond expectation.

Availablity is EXTREMELY limited, and very much subject to change.  If the ESG cigar you want is not currently in stock, please contact us and we will add you t our waiting list, for immediate shipping when we get stock.


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