No. 20, Natural - 5 Pack
No. 20, Natural - 5 Pack
Hampton Court - Box of 25
No. 20, Natural - 5 Pack
#2 - 5 Pack
No. 30, Natural - Box of 25
Robusto - Box of 20
Rothschild, Natural Cedar Wrapped - Box of 20

Avo Domaine No. 20, Natural – 5 Pack

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Country of Origin
Dominican Republic

The beautifully rolled Avo Domaine No. 20 figurado is a full-bodied gem. Highly aromatic with a complex flavor profile. Produced at the famed Tabadom factory, Avo Domaine cigars have a dark Ecuadorian wrapper, sleek and perfectly oily surrounding a choice blend of aromatic fillers which together deliver a depth and complex aroma which will keep you puffing right to the end.

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Cigar Length
4 5/8
Ring Guage
4 5/8 x 50
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