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Avo XO Cigars Preludio – 5 Pack

Cigar Length
Ring Gauge
6 x 40
Availability: In Stock
Country of Origin
Dominican Republic

The highly sought after Avo XO Preludios are aged cigars with slightly more body than the classic Avo cigar. The Avo XO cigar line, first introduced in 1987, is entirely handmade in Santiago, Dominican Republic. The best selling Avo XO cigar line is a superb blend of six tobaccos, delivering a deep rich flavor.

Avo XO cigars exemplify true artistry, incorporating a meticulously selected blend of aged Dominican long fillers, wrapped in a premium Ecuadorian Connecticut leaf with a luscious golden-brown shade. Its medium-bodied taste is characterized by a delightful blend of toasty tobacco, cedar notes, cocoa, sweet molasses, and charred wood, creating a complex and satisfying smoking experience. The slow burn and smooth draw of the captivating Avo cigar guarantees a satisfying finish that you’ll not soon forget.

Have questions about Avo XO Preludios or about our international cigar service?  We’ve got the answers and guidance for you!  Email us or check-in on any of our social media channels with a direct message. We’re always pleased to assist!  As always, worldwide cigar delivery is available on all our fine Avo XO cigars.  Since 1996, at Absolute Cigars our products and service come with our 100% satisfaction guarantee. You can relax, knowing your X cigars will arrive in great condition, ready to to fire up and deliver that terrific satisfying smoke you’re looking for.



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Avo XO cigars are among the most in-demand brands under the Avo banner. Known for their exceptional tobacco blend that delivers a distinctive AVO flavor. Whether you’re a seasoned cigar connoisseur or just starting your journey, meticulously crafted Avo XO cigars offer an full-flavored experience.

The Avo XO cigar is a masterpiece, showcasing a meticulously selected blend of aged Dominican long fillers embraced by a premium Ecuadorian Connecticut wrapper, radiating a lustrous golden-brown shade. Medium-bodied, Avo XO cigars are hand-rolled and unveil a flavor profile dominated by nuances of toasted tobacco, cedar, cocoa, sweet molasses, and smoky charred wood, offering an exquisite level of complexity that is truly exceptional.

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