Churchill - Box of 25
Churchill - Box of 25
Churchill - 5 Pack
Choix Supreme, EMS - 5 Pack
Churchill - 5 Pack
Churchill - 5 Pack
Corona - 5 Pack
Presidente - 5 Pack

Baccarat Churchill – 5 Pack

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Baccarat Churchills are mild bodied Honduran cigars with a subtle sweetness and excellent balance of flavor. This is a handmade all-Honduran blend with a sweet-tasting wrapper also found in some traditional Cuban cigars. These popular premium cigars are as consistent in construction and flavor as they are affordable. Founded in 1871, the Baccarat cigar brand was developed and refined by Carl Upmann.

Need more information on Baccarat Churchill cigars? Call us today – Toll free 866 838-5737. As always, worldwide delivery available on all cigars, including the Baccarat cigar line.


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