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Acrylic Humidor, Large 75 Capacity – LAST ONE!

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United States
Finally, you can show off your premium cigars! The Boveda Acrylic Humidor is a high quality unit made of thick and heavy acrylic, with rubber feet to keep it in place.  Boveda  made these with a solid magnetic closing system for a great seal to allow the Boveda humidification to work efficiently with the perforated acrylic shelf suspended above the floor of the humidor fits 2 large Boveda packs underneath.
The unit come with a removable Spanish cedar handled tray with dividers.  All together, you’ll have the perfect aging environment for your valuable cigars.  With no activation or maintenance and no seasoning required – the included Boveda packs provide worry-free humidity control. Unit includes two 69% RH Large Boveda packs.  Plus you always have the option to use your own humidifier.
Worldwide delivery available on this Boveda Acrylic Humidors.
Our understanding is that Boveda has got out of the humidor manufacturing business and no longer makes these.  This unit is the last one we have left, and a few minutes research shows no other retailer has any in stock, so this is it.


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