boveda 320 gram mounting plate image
boveda 320 gram mounting plate image
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320 gram Humidor Mounting Plate

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United States
The Boveda Mounting Plate allows you to hang the large 320g Boveda humidity pack inside the lid of your desktop humidor. The unit includes a magnetic mounting kit.
The 320 gram pouch eliminates your need to use 3-4 of the 60 grams units to properly regulate a typical desktop humidor. Now the whole process is condensed with the 320 gram larger single unit which lasts up to 6x longer than any previous Boveda pack and with the mounting plate is held and positioned exactly as you like in your valuable humidor!
All Boveda products available for international delivery, as always.  Don’t see the Boveda product you need?  Contact us today as all are available from us but may not yet have been put on our site.

The Boveda 320 gram Mounting Plate is available for worldwide delivery.


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