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buffalo trace cigars box closed image
buffalo trace cigars box image
buffalo trace cigar box image
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cigars buffalo trace box image
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buffalo trace cigar box closed image
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Buffalo Trace Empty Box, No Cigars Included

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Country of Origin
Dominican Republic

No cigars included.  The Buffalo Trace Empty Cigar Box is with it’s buffalo graphic is a unique cigar box, and a spin-off product from the famous Buffalo Trace Bourbon.  Highly attractive wood finish with the beautiful buffalo logo.  This collectors item empty cigar box, measures 6 x 4 1/2 x 3 3/4 inches, with 1/2 thick walls made of solid Spanish cedar.  The cigar box lid is secured with steel hinge hardware.  A must have for any fan of Buffalo Trace cigars, Buffalo Trace Bourbon or those who just love buffalo themed accessories.

Note:  To be clear – no cigars are included in this product.

International Customers Note:  Please order empty boxes as a separate order from any actual cigars.  If you wish to order cigars as well,  please do so as a separate order.  US Customers may order empty boxes and cigars together, no problem.

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For over 200 years, the oldest distillery in the United States has been the home of Buffalo Trace Bourbon.  It’s now also the home to an exceptional cigar that sells out almost as fast as we can get them.  The rare and exceptional Buffalo Trace cigars.  With tobaccos long-aged in bourbon barrels, these rustic cigars are medium to full bodied classics that live up to the history of quality and flavor for which Buffalo Trace is known.

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