Check Six Toro – Pack of 5

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Only 4,000 boxes produced for worldwide distribution.  These were a Limited release in July 2016 and we're releasing what we've hoarded since then.  At the core of the rare Camacho Check Six Toro cigar is a tri-country blend of Original Corojo, San Vicente and Criollo tobaccos. These powerful filler tobaccos combine to add a depth of strength, complexity and flavor to the overall cigar experience. The addition of a Criollo 98 binder from Nicaragua amps up the pepper notes, while the Habana 2000 wrapper from Ecuador adds roundness and excellent combustion to the blend. 

A member of Camacho's rare release Brotherhood Series, Camacho Limited Edition 2016 Cigars are now available for international cigar shipping, while supplies last.


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