Special Gameday Edition 2016 – Box of 20 Coffin Boxes

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Box of 20 individually numbered coffin-boxes of the Camacho Ditka Special Gameday Edition 2016 Cigars.  Only 500 boxes have been produced.  The outer box is a humidor grade box.  It's individually numbered X of 500 and it valued on it's own at $150.00.  Each individual coffin box inside is also numbered.

On February 7th 2016, Super Bowl 50 was held in Santa Clara, California. Camacho released a special limited edition cigar in its Mike Ditka line to commemorate the historic 50th game – The Camacho Ditka Special Game Day Edition cigar, 2016.  Each Ditka Special Game Day Edition 2016 cigar is packaged in an individually number coffin box.  The cigar is a Camacho specialty Figurado size of 6 x 48 x 54 x 48 (See detailed images for view of the actual stick).

As always, worldwide delivery is fully available on all cigars, includiong all Camacho Ditka cigars.

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