60/6, Gordo - Box of 20
60/6, Gordo - Box of 20
60/6, Gordo - 5 Pack
60/6, Gordo - 5 Pack
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Camacho Triple Maduro 11/18, Perfecto – Box of 20

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Camacho Triple Maduro is the world’s first all-maduro cigar. Prepare for an explosion of dark, complex flavors.  The Camacho Triple Maduro 11/18 cigar is a sleek perfecto shaped premium maduro cigar, packed with power.  Dark, robust flavour come out big and bold from the start.  Truly a cigar to remember.  This remarkable cigars is the end-result of over 84 blends that were created and tested before locking on this this final combination of maduros.   Camacho goes head to head with the best of the best Cuban brands.  A highly complex, intensely flavorful blend that is derived from the most fertile of soils in Honduras in a climate that compares to the famed Vuelta Abajo region in Cuba. Superior, expertly cultivated tobacco leaves are grown at Ranchos Jamastran under the careful supervision of the Eiroa family.

Also – Ok, it's all about the cigar, of course, but wow, the packaging on Camacho Triple Maduro cigars is superb and the box is a keeper with it's solid construction and high gloss finish.  We just had to point out the packaging.  It's that nice!

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