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CAO Black Empty Cigar Box, Rare! – No Cigars Included

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No Cigars Included.  This is a CAO Black Empty Cigar Box from the early releases of CAO Black cigars when the cigars were briefly available in these artistic style boxes.  Released in 1994,  CAO Black cigars were the very first line produced by CAO.  These were only available in that initial release, and these boxes are no longer made or available anywhere.  These have sat on our shelves for about a decade now, and we just never offered them, really because we only have a few and just didn’t get around to it.  We’re now trying to clear out hundreds great boxes that are taking up shelf space, and these will sell quickly.

We love these boxes for their “Jackson Pollock style” art, contrasted by the solid black of the main box body.  Box measures 6 3/4 x 4 3/4 x 4 1/2 inches.  We literally have only 4 of these boxes, and trust us – you won’t find these for sale anywhere now.  Price is a reflection of the scarcity of these boxes.

All our empty cigar boxes are real cigar boxes shipped from the manufacturer with cigars, have been opened, cigars removed, and shelved. They are as new, and in excellent condition, but may have minor imperfections from minor handling from manufacturer to our warehouse.  In the case of these particular boxes, all are in terrific condition.  There is a tobacco health warning sticker on this box.  This would be easily removed with basic sticker removal techniques.  International Customers Note:  Please order empty boxes as a separate order from any actual cigars.  If you wish to order cigars as well,  please do so as a separate order.  US Customers may order empty boxes and cigars together, no problem.  Note:  To be clear – no cigars are included in this product.


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One of CAO’s most flavor packed cigars, CAO Black cigars are known for their richness of flavor and smoothness in a full bodied smoke. Handcrafted with a blend of carefully selected tri-country long-filler combination from Nicaragua, Mexico, and Honduras, with a Honduran binder, and finished with a jet-black Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper. CAO Black cigars have are well-constructed with a consistent even burn. One of our best-selling CAOs!

Released in 1994,  CAO Black cigars were the very first line produced by CAO.

CAO’s innovative philosophy has been in place now for decades and continues today. Their never-ending quest to produce new and unique blends is captured in their mission statement:

“We’ll go anywhere to find the exceptional tobacco we’re looking for.  And we have. We’ve been all over the world, procuring some of the finest and rarest leaf known to man.  The jungles of the Amazon. The mountains of Colombia. The valleys of the Dominican Republic and the volcanoes of Nicaragua. And nearly every point on the map in between.

In all our travels, we’ve discovered something. When we remove boundaries, borders, and limits from the process, what we’re left with is a tobacco experience unlike any other.”

Check out all the state-of-the-art CAO cigar brands we offer today, and check back often for new CAO releases and special offers.

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