V660, Carb - Pack of 24
V660, Carb - Pack of 24
Corona - 5 Pack

CAO Flathead V660, Carb – Pack of 24

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The #3 ranked cigar in the world for 2015, as rated by Cigar Aficionado whojh refered to it as "a gutsy blend".   The CAO Flathead V660, Carb cigar is meticulously box pressed and delivers a mix of spicy sweetness with hints of earth, cocoa and black pepper notes, throughout a full bodied cigar experience. You'll love the thick smoke and the long, lingering finish.  Cigar Aficionado had thier own take on the CAO Flathead 660 cigar, noting, "The name Carb 660 is named after the carburetor of a combustion engine and 660 indicates the length and ring gauge. From the first light, this seriously squared-off cigar takes off with notes of ripe fruit, leather and molasses that only gain intensity as it smokes."

CAO Flathead cigars are available for worldwide delivery. 

Note: This is a pack of 24, not a box of 24.  On this particular item, we no longer ship the box internationally.  It is simply too heavy and bulky to ship.


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