Robusto - 5 pack
Robusto - 5 pack
Empty Box - Minor Imperfections
V450, Sparkplug - 5 Pack
Robusto - 5 pack
Piazza Gordo - 5 Pack
Robusto - 5 pack
Pancho  - Pack of 20

CAO Gold Robusto – 5 pack

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Multiple 90+ ratings!  Handmade in Nicaragua, CAO Gold Robusto cigars are mild and smooth offering flavors of cream and vanilla with a touch of mild spice and hints of nutmeg.  A light Ecuadorean wrapper covers select binder and filler leaves from Nicaragua.  Always very highly rated by the cigar press, but try one and see for yourself how this has been a go-to mild cigar for over a decade.

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Cigar Length
5 1/2
Ring Guage
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    1. Gretz99 (verified owner)

      A mild cigar with nice flavor and perfectly even burn. Well made with a beautiful wrapper and a tight fill.

    2. Hank (verified owner)

      Great value for the money. Very impressive fabrication and bright white ash. Superior to some Cuban construction.

    3. bfortin (verified owner)

      Nice draw and even burn, with good taste. Quite mild.

    4. hp-^ (verified owner)

      Even burn, good draw and mild flavour. The ash was strong and bright white. Nice to look at and had thick plumes of smoke.

    5. Shawn (verified owner)

      This is very nice mild smoke. Great construction, great burn with a great looking light wrapper. However, I do have to say that I prefer the CAO Brazilia line over Gold. They have more flavour and are full bodied. That just my opinion.

    6. Tall Smoker (verified owner)

      This cigar is great for the price. Burns even and leaves a nice mello flavor behind. Highly reccomended

    7. Anthem (verified owner)

      A well constructed mild cigar. Nice burn, nice flavors and thick smoke. If you're looking for a good quality milder cigar, I would recommed this one.

    8. UNCEL BUCK (verified owner)

      The CAO Gold robusto is the best cigar I’ve smoked in a long time. If I were to use the Cigar Aficionado scale to rate it, I’d give it a 93+ score. All the flavor you could ask for is there and the aromas were divine.

    9. d.bala (verified owner)

      I had a CAO Gold Robusto when I was first starting out with cigars. Seemed to me to be a bit too mild for me, but I did move to medium bodied stuff quite quickly. Would be great for a first timer.

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