Perfecto - 5 Pack
Perfecto - 5 Pack
Empty Box - Minor Imperfections
V450, Sparkplug - 5 Pack
Piazza Gordo - 5 Pack
Perfecto - 5 Pack
Pancho  - Pack of 20
Churchill Extra - Box of 24

Perfecto – 5 Pack

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Just one box left!  These are now out of production, as the 10th Anniversary was years ago.  CAO pays homage to it's first 90+ rated cigar: CAO Gold. The medium strength CAO Gold 10th Anniversary Perfecto is a vastly more complex version of the popular CAO Gold blend delivered in a superbly constructed perfecto cigar, perfectly rolled with a great tapered shape. This box won't last long. Packaged in a Special commemorative box.

Have questions about CAO Gold 10th Anniversary cigars? Call us anytime Toll free: 866 838-9463. Worldwide delivery is guaranteed on CAO Gold 10th Anniversary cigars.


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