CAO Champions Travel Humidor – Factory Second (Crease)

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Normal price is $30.  This unit is as new except for a lid material imperfection, so reduced to $14.  The lid incorporates a sectionof material that had obviously been folded in the factory, so there is an obvious crease in the material of the lid. This crease may or may not flatten out over time.  Up to the buyer to decide if they care about this or not, but otherwise, such a nice travel case with the classic CAO logo embossed on the lid in silver. We actually managed to get 25 random sized cigars into the cool CAO Champions II Travel Humidor. The inside is lined in spanish cedar, and both the top and bottom halves have built in elastic straps under which you can secure your sticks. The case is very sturdy.  A solid box, that won't crush or break even under very tough conditions. We're guessing a good 200 lbs. of weight. The exterior measures 9 x 7 1/4 x 2 3/4 inches and has the look and feel of black soft napa leather. To be fair, it's faux leather. At this price…you don't get real leather guys (our real leather cases go for $100-200).  The exterior side material has thick black high quality stitching, and also displays another CAO Champions logo printed on the front edge. We love the zipper tassels on the two zippers, both also printed with the CAO logo in raised lettering. The tassels are made of rubber and with raised CAO lettering, so you can easily grip them to zip open and closed.

A nice opportunity to pick up one of these on the cheap!

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