Ciao Robusto - Box of 20
Ciao Robusto - Box of 20
Ciao Robusto - Box of 20
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Ciao Robusto - Box of 20
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CAO Italia Ciao Robusto – Box of 20

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A superb handcrafted robusto, the CAO Italia Ciao is produced from an Italian Habano seed brought to Italy from Cuba forty-plus years ago. This seed is grown in the Benevento region of southern Italy. The result is a unique earthy-sweetness, that rounds out CAO Italia's robust, full-bodied flavor.

Questions about the CAO Italia Ciao cigar? Call Toll free 866 838-9463. Worldwide delivery on all CAO Italia cigars.


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    1. Pipon (verified owner)

      Always keep a few CAO Italia in the humidor. Flavor is great, draws nicely, good construction, and ash holds on well. Try one!

    2. Raja (verified owner)

      Wow! When I first tried this, I was so impressed that I could not wait till the next time I could have one. The CAO Italia Ciao Robusto lasted forever – a good 1 3/4 hours. The ash holds so long that you have to discard it. The flavor is so full bodied, and gets better along the way. Not usual for me to say this but you’re very disappointed when this cigar comes to an end.

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