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CAO Italia Ciao Robusto – Box of 20

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A superb handcrafted robusto, the CAO Italia Ciao is produced from an Italian Habano seed brought to Italy from Cuba forty-plus years ago. This seed is grown in the Benevento region of southern Italy. The CAO Italia cigar is your opportunity to experience just how good Italian tobacco can be.  The cigar delivers a unique earthy-sweetness, that rounds out CAO Italia’s robust, full-bodied flavor.  In the cigar world, Italy doesn’t commonly come to mind as a cigar tobacco country.  CAO Italia is uniquely blended with a select Honduran wrapper and binder leaf that encases a core of long-aged Nicaraguan, Peruvian, and the rare Italian Habano long-fillers. A savory and smooth medium-bodied handcrafted cigar smoke that eagerly embraces the palate, offering notes of spice, graham cracker, dried fruit, molasses, sweet tobacco, and brown sugar that deliver just a sensational balance.

Want to learn more about CAO Italia cigars, or looking for some guidance or recommendations for a good buy today? Check in with us anytime, by email or we’re on social media all day long here, ready to answer your direct messages on Facebook, X or Instagram. Always happy to assist with advice on our current stock of premium cigars.  Worldwide cigar shipping is available on all CAO Italia Ciao cigars.


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Nestled in the Benevento region of Italy, between Roma and Napoli, in the heart of the old world, is a small patch of new world flavor flourishing in the heart of Italy, and available to you today. CAO Italia’s Habano seed was brought to Italy from Cuba nearly fifty years ago and now offers a truly unique cigar full of earthy sweetness in a full-bodied premium cigar. The CAO Italia cigar is a sensational experience you simply cannot find anywhere else, but from CAO.

CAO Italia cigars are available internationally, as always via our worldwide cigar shipping service.  We’ll even ship them back to Italia for you!

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    1. Pipon

      Always keep a few CAO Italia in the humidor. Flavor is great, draws nicely, good construction, and ash holds on well. Try one!

    2. Raja

      Wow! When I first tried this, I was so impressed that I could not wait till the next time I could have one. The CAO Italia Ciao Robusto lasted forever – a good 1 3/4 hours. The ash holds so long that you have to discard it. The flavor is so full bodied, and gets better along the way. Not usual for me to say this but you’re very disappointed when this cigar comes to an end.

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