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CAO Pilon Churchill – 5 Pack

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CAO Pilon Churchills come dressed in a dazzling Ecuador Habano wrapper, encasing the binder and long-fillers from Nicaragua. These premium cigars are medium-bodied and pack flavor in droves with delicious notes of spice, cedar, pepper, nuts, and cocoa.

The CAO Pilon turns back the clock on cigar manufacturing, with CAO has employing a vintage 19th century method from Cuba, of tobacco fermentation using a specifically circular pilon. In a common modern pilon, the leaves are sorted and placed into a large square stack. Whereas with a circular pilon bundle the top quality tobaccos are carefully placed in a circular pattern that slows the fermentation process, thus enhancing the maturation and flavor development of the leaf.

As always all our CAO cigar 5 packs ship with a state of the art Boveda humidity pack. So you can relax with full confidence in our worldwide cigar delivery service, that your CAO Pilon Churchills are packaged securely and properly humidified your order travels the world to your door. We put together every order carefully and securely, ensuring that your valued premium cigars arrive in great condition and ready to fire up!

Questions about CAO Pilon Churchill cigars? Email us anytime or contact us through any of our social media channels. International cigar delivery on all CAO Pilon cigars.



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A long-standing best-seller, CAO Pilon cigars epitomize the harmonious marriage of tradition, expertise, and exceptional craftsmanship. Drawing inspiration from the age-old history of 19th century Cuban tobacco manufacturing, CAO Pilon pays homage to the timeless technique of arranging and layering tobacco leaves in bundles for aging in order to achieve unparalleled flavor and vibrant color. The result is a collection of cigars that boast deep, rich hues and an exquisite complexity of taste. With each puff, cigar aficionados are transported on a sensory journey, savoring the artfully fermented and meticulously crafted blends that capture the essence of CAO’s commitment to quality and innovation. Indulge in the legacy and artistry of CAO Pilon, where every smoking experience is a testament to the brand’s unwavering dedication to creating cigars of extraordinary character and distinction.

An extraordinary fusion of cigar history and traditional craftsmanship, as the pilon method imparts a depth and character to each and every blend.

As always, all our fine CAO Pilon cigars are available for worldwide cigar delivery.

CAO’s innovative philosophy has been in place now for decades and continues today. Their never-ending quest to produce new and unique blends is captured in their mission statement:

“We’ll go anywhere to find the exceptional tobacco we’re looking for.  And we have. We’ve been all over the world, procuring some of the finest and rarest leaf known to man.  The jungles of the Amazon. The mountains of Colombia. The valleys of the Dominican Republic and the volcanoes of Nicaragua. And nearly every point on the map in between.

In all our travels, we’ve discovered something. When we remove boundaries, borders, and limits from the process, what we’re left with is a tobacco experience unlike any other.”

Take a look at all the state-of-the-art CAO cigar brands we offer today, and check back often for new CAO releases and special offers.

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