CAO Flathead Steel Horse Tabletop Lighter, Art Deco Gastank Design

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CAO Steelhorse Tabletop Lighter!  Hands-down the coolest lighter we've ever sold.  Thiis an absolutely unique CAO Steelhorse triple jet lighter, in the shape of a motorcycle gas tank, with an art deco style base, the CAO logo printed on both sides of the tank and the Flathead apehanger handlebar motorcycle graphic on the gas cap.

The Steelhorse table top lighter works by simply pressing down on the gas tank – a partial press pops open the spring loaded gas cap, and a full press-down fires the triple burners..  The entire unit is sleek with clean lines in an art deco style.  The fuel refill nozzle and flame adjuster valve is hidden in the base.

Gas tank and gas cap is silver colored brushed stainless steel with a semi-gloss finish.  Super solid construction, and heavy in the hand.   Dimensions: 3 1/2 x 1 3/4 x 2 inches.

These CAO gastank lighters are a limited production item, will become a collectors item for fans of CAO cigars; all you bike riders; and lighter collectors as well.  Will not be available long.

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