#1 in the World Sampler, 10 Cigars
#1 in the World Sampler, 10 Cigars
Governors Maduro - 5 Pack
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#1 in the World Sampler, 10 Cigars

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Want to try the #1 rated cigars in the world?  Well here's 10 of them.  Each has been rated the #1 Cigar in the World by Cigar Aficionado in their annual cigar rankings.  Their rankings include all cigars, including Cuban cigars, and these were all awarded the designation of Best Cigar in the World for the given year.  You get two each of:

2 Casa Magna Robusto – #1 of 2008
2 Alec Bradley Prensado Churchill – #1 of 2011
2 Flor de las Antillas Toro – #1 of 2012
2 Oliva Serie V Melanio Figurado – #1 of 2014
2 My Father Le Bijou Torpedo – #1 of 2015

The Best of the Best for under $100.  Simply a must-have sampler.


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    1. G Hills (verified owner)

      This sampler is awesome. You’ll love these. My ranking: My Father Le Bijou #1, Flor de las Antillas 2, Alec Bradley 3, Casa Magna 4 Oliva Serie V Melanio 5

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