652 - 5 Pack
652 - 5 Pack
652 - 5 Pack
652 - 5 Pack
Ascots - 3 tins of 10
No. 20, Natural - Box of 20
652 - 5 Pack

652 – 5 Pack

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Country of Origin
Dominican Republic

The Cohiba XV 652 cigar, or Extra Vigoroso, is the full-bodied cousin to the Dominican Cohiba Red Dot cigar line. Blended through the famed craftsmanship of Cigar master Daniel Nunez, creator of some of the worlds very best cigar blends, the Cohiba XV is a cigar for those looking for a full-bodied premium cigar. The filler is a blend of Nicaraguan ligero and Piloto Cubano ligero tobaccos. The Cohiba XV 652 cigar filler is then encased in a three-year aged Connecticut Broadleaf binder, while the wrapper leaf is a select Ecuadoran Sumatra leaf.

The Cohiba XV is then aged for a minumum of six months in aromatic cedar chests. The Cohiba XV delivers a full-bodied yet smooth smoking experience. It is a dark and oily limited edition, small production Dominican cigar. A must try for the serious cigar aficionado.


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