No. #95, Maduro - Box of 25
No. #95, Maduro - Box of 25
No. #95, Maduro - Box of 25
No. #95, Cameroon Corona - Box of 25
No. #95, Maduro - Box of 25
No. #95, Maduro - Box of 25
660 Torpedo - 5 Pack
No. 2 - Box of 25 cigars
660 Torpedo - 5 Pack

#1884, Maduro – Box of 25

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Country of Origin
Dominican Republic

The Cuesta Rey 1884 Maduro is a medium strength, perfect after lunch cigar. This premium handmade Dominican cigar has an attractive appearance with a smooth maduro wrapper and excellent construction making for a consistent, even burning cigar with a solid grey ash, and plenty of smoke. The pre-light bouquet is wonderful. Once lit the Cuesta Rey 1884 cigars deliver a fine earthy smoking experience with some wood notes and gives subtle hints of classic Cuban cigar characteristics.

Questions about Cuesta Rey 1884 cigars? Call Toll free 866 838-9463. Worldwide delivery on all Cuesta Rey 1884 cigars.


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Cigar Length
6 3/4
Ring Guage
Lonsdale, 6 3/4 x 44
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    1. Pipon (verified owner)

      I was pleasantly surprised by the great aroma, the very agreeable taste and overall construction of the <i>Cuesta Rey 1884</i>. A very positive cigar experience. I'll definitely add theses to my humidor.

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