Robusto - 5 Pack
Robusto - 5 Pack
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Presidente - Box of 25
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Don Tomas Maduro Presidente – 5 Pack

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A great choice for those looking for a large maduro, as this stick comes in a a large 7 1/2 x 50.  With its near perfect draw, the Don Tomas Maduro Presidente cigars are well made cigars availabnle at a reasonabnle price. The Don Tomas Maduro is nicely balanced and creamy smooth with aromas of sweet spice.

Worldwide cigar shipping, including Hong Kong, is available on all Don Tomas Maduro cigars. Need more info about Don Tomas Maduro Presidente cigars?  Call, email or check in with us anytime on social media.


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Cigar Length
7 1/2
Ring Guage
7 1/2 x 50
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