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ep carrillo pledge cigars box stick image
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ep carrillo pledge cigars box stick image
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EP Carrillo Pledge Sojourn Toro – 5 Pack

Cigar Length
Ring Gauge
Availability: In Stock
Country of Origin
Dominican Republic

The E.P. Carrillo Pledge Sojourn is the toro sized brother of Cigar Aficionado’s #1 Cigar of the Year for 2020,  the E.P. Carrillo Pledge Prequel robusto which was awarded an exceptional 98 rating by the CA judging panel – almost unheard of.   Considered by many to be E.P. Carrillo’s boldest expression in a cigar.  Full of rich, complex flavors with a zesty, spice and wood notes that tantalize the smokers palate.  One is left with a lasting creamy finish with a rich aromatic profile that truly delights the senses.

It’s been said that E.P. Carrillo is the king of cigars in Miami. One of the most respected and beloved cigar rollers in the city, responsible for the original La Gloria Cubana cigar as well as the El Rico Habano brand.   On a deeper, philosophical, level E.P. Carrillo Cigars are about innovative and ground-breaking ideas. Their brands offer unique and distinctive characteristics that each aim to offer a special experience unique to the brand and embodied in the cigar. The cigars themselves were each conceived then blended based on a greater concept which, by design, reflect an aspect of the Carrillo family’s heritage and legacy in tobacco and the authentic pride with which each E.P. Carrillo cigar is made.

As always, the E.P. Carrillo Pledge Sojourn cigars are available for worldwide cigar delivery.  Shipped to your door, wherever that door may be!


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The E.P. Carrillo Pledge Initiative
In the spirit of the E.P. Carrillo Pledge Prequel cigar earning a 98 rating when it was selected as the Cigar of the Year in 2020, E.P. Carrillo decided to donate $.98 of every single Pledge Prequel sold between December 15, 2022 and January 31, 2023. In their first campaign, Pledge raised over $46,000 for Els for Autism.

The Els for Autism Foundation was established in the year 2009 by Liezl Els, golfer Ernie Els, and Marvin R. Shanken, founder of Cigar Aficionado Magazine. The Els’ son, Ben, is impacted by autism spectrum disorder, which effects 1 in 44 children in the United States. Their Foundation offers innovative, evidence based programs for families and individuals across the life span in six focus areas: education, research, worldwide support, recreational services, adult services and therapy. The Els for Autism Foundation serves families globally, plus offers in person services and programs at The Els Center of Excellence facilty located in Jupiter, Florida.

Going forward, E.P. Carrillo and the Els for Autism Foundation are also cooperating on several fundraising golf tournaments around the US and will hold various events as well around the country in April 2023 and beyond, highlighting this wonderful foundation that has helped so many lives.


On the E.P. Carrillo Pledge cigar, Cigar Aficionado noted, “Achievements such as this are the confluence of skill, talent and experience. In his 50-plus year career, Perez-Carrillo has owned factories big and small. He’s been making cigars on his own terms for the over a decade. Now as a two time Cigar of the Year recipient, the man who’s done it all in the cigar business has just done it again.” – Gregory Mottola, Cigar Aficionado

All our fine EP Carrillo Pledge cigars shipped worldwide.

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