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Gilberto Oliva Reserva Toro – 5 Pack

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The much anticipated release of the Gilberto Oliva Reserva Toro cigar by the Oliva family has lived up to the hype with the superbly delicious blend of rich, medium to full body flavors. Named in honor of the Oliva patriarch, this is a beautifully rolled 6 x 50 premium Oliva cigar that's packed with flavor with multi-layered notes of dark tobacco spice, leather, earth tones, creamy cocoa, with a sweet and delicious caramel lingering on the palate.  The line has earned two 90 ratings and Cigar Insider named it to their "Best Buy" list, with a review saying "shows notes of oak,earthy, and spicy gingersnap cookie before ar ich, chocolatey finish."

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    1. ravonar (verified owner)

      One of the top 5 worse cigars I have ever had, just awful. Citrus-sy and sour; a huge disappointment. A buddy of mine is an afficionado as well. He is a huge Oliva fan. I gave him one to try and he was shcoked at how bad one of his favourite brands was. He tried retro-haling and almost threw up; he said it burned his nostrils like nothing he had ever tried. He was sure they has been switched out at the factory for something low quality; but I said no, I had 2 others from my 10 pack and they were all equally disgusting. I bought a house brand cigar from a local store and it was 10x better.

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