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H. Upmann 1844 Reserve Gold Medallion Triple Torch Lighter – Limited Edition 2021

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A stunning H. Upmann lighter that, being in the shape of a cigar, is not only a great looking unit, but has a great feel-in-the-hand and superb function. We see H. Upmann branded logo accessories often, but nothing with such an eye-catching combination of look & feel like this, with the gold medallion actually serving as the ignition trigger, making this a truly unique lighter.  Manufactured by Lotus, one of the premier names in cigar specific lighters.  As you can see from the images, this triple-jet butane fueled cigar lighter is actually the size and shape of a typical robusto cigar. Five inches long, with an approximate 50 ring gauge, so a 7/8 inch diameter. We’ve added a pic with the lighter next to a Sharpie pen to give size perspective. So you see it will comfortably fit in a pant or jacket pocket.

We picked up all that we could get of this H. Upmann  release, as we were drawn to it as soon as we saw it. So we stocked up on all the distributor had left, and likely will not be able to get more. It’s a limited production jet lighter that fans of the historic H. Upmann cigar brand will want to grab while we still have them.

The core body is sturdy and solid metal covered in a melamine exterior that’s slightly textured to provide grip, and beautifully adorned with the classic H. Upmann logo. The whole design is focused on drawing the eye to the Gold Medallion trigger which, made of metal, is designed to look like a cigar band around the lighter. This band and trigger medallion is actually gold colored stainless steel, three-dimensionally stamped with the H. Upmann logo.  The gold medallion trigger is complemented above it by a hinged gold cover, which protects the triple-jet torches in the ignition bay. The cover flips open and snaps securely closed. It also has the H. Upmann logo on its top exterior.  A sleek and elegant modern design. The lighter ignites by pressing the trigger, igniting a clean triple-jet torch flame. The flame height is adjusted by an adjustment wheel built into the base, along with the butane refuel nozzle, also recessed into the base.

This H. Upmann lighter ships with no fuel, as per safety regulations.  At the time of this update, we have about 20 of these left. Once they’re gone, they’re gone forever. So grab your piece of H. Upmann cigar history at a reasonable price while you can.

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From H. Upmann’s long tradition of premium cigar making, H. Upmann 1844 Reserve cigars may possibly be the very finest H. Upmann yet. With its intricate and complex flavor profile, superb even burn and solid ash, this premium is the hallmark of H. Upmann’s heritage of fine cigar making. The 1844 Reserve cigar has superb, medium-bodied smoke, finely handcrafted in the Dominican Republic, featuring a robust Ecuadorian Cubano wrapper, Nicaraguan binder and Dominican filler tobaccos.

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