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gran habano 2002 cigars bundle image
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gran habano vintage 2002 cigars bundle image
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Gran Habano Corojo Vintage 2002 Churchill – Bundle of 20

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The Gran Habano Corojo Vintage 2002 Churchill with its 90 rated blend is composed of full bodied, Habano seed longfillers from Nicaragua as well as the Dominican Republic. This is one of those rare cigars that is simply a terrific smoke at a ridiculously low price. Boasting a sumptuous Nicaraguan grown Corojo wrapper that was cultivated in 2002, and aged in cedar-nap for a long 8 years, the Gran Habano Corojo Vintage 2002 cigars deliver a deep richness, creamy flavors of coffee, nuts, and earth coupled with a smoothness, reminiscent of Cuban qualities with its long aged Corojo leaf.

Gran Habano Vintage 2002 cigars are medium to full bodied holding to that terrific balance with a long and truly elegant finish. Worldwide cigar delivery is available as always on the Gran Habano Corojo Vintage 2002 Gordo cigar.



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The Gran Habano Vintage 2002 cigar  has a core that is the 90-rated Gran Habano Corojo blend composed of full-bodied Habano seed long fillers grown in Nicaragua and the Dominican, with a juicy Nicaraguan Corojo wrapper leaf cultivated in 2002, then cedar aged, resulting in a virtuous deep experience of rich, creamy flavors that feature coffee, nut, and earth notes tempered by the smoothness and Cuban-style qualities derived from its aged Corojo leaf.

The Gran Habano Vintage 2002 cigar maintains its medium to full-body along with an elegant balance and long satisfying finish.

It takes generations to make a great cigar. Now on its fourth generation, Gran Habano cigars carry-on a long tradition created from humble beginnings.

Tobacco farmer and cigar maker, Guillermo Rico, believes in patience building his business slowly and steadily through careful exposure of his cigars to the marketplace. The hallmark is in attention to detail and a consistent reliance on strict quality control in tandem with traditional tabaquero processes.
The Rico family history in tobacco goes back to 1920, when Guillermo Rico’s grandfather began growing dark tobacco. Guillermo’s father took over in 1946, with Guillermo following him around the fields as a child, while his mother rolled cigars at home. That family legacy continues today in the Gran Habano, as a strong family tradition is embedded into every cigar made. Now in Danli, Honduras, where in 1998 the Gran Habano cigar factory was established and became the center point of their premium cigars and it now the home of the Gran Habano legacy.

2003 was the year our staple Gran Habano family of handmade cigars was introduced to resounding success by father and son team, Guillermo and George Rico. These long-filler cigars became the core of the company brand with 3 distinct blends: the Connecticut #1, a mild but rich cigar with a Connecticut shade wrapper; the Habano #3, a medium-bodied cigar in Habano wrapper; and our most beloved blend, the Corojo #5, a peppery full-bodied cigar in Corojo wrapper. Consistency has always been insisted with these expert blends, which continue to be our best selling cigars.

The legacy of crafting cigars at Gran Habano continues with Guillermo and George Rico, striving tirelessly for premium quality in every leaf grown and cigar rolled. Their honesty and passion for cigars is the foundation of the brand that drives them to make great traditional cigars, with a sense of originality being the signature of the company.

You too can enjoy Gran Habano cigars, in any corner of the world where you may be, as all our fine Gran Habano Vintage cigars are available for worldwide cigar delivery.

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