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Dominican Bundles Handmade Cheroots, Natural – Bundle of 10

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Dominican Republic

Handmade Dominican Cheroot cigar bundles, made with 100% Dominican tobaccos, dry-cured and hand-rolled in the Dominican Republic. Cheroots are rustic, country smokes.  Rough-finished sticks that are popular for their rugged look and their bold and brawny smoke.  With their straight-rolled style, these cigars bring to mind images of Clint Eastwood in his famous western movies.  These country cigars are actually highly sought after internationally, with customers from just about everywhere looking for these iconic rough looking cigars, and we sell all we can get.

A highly reasonable price for quality cheroots that give you a smooth, handmade smoke, without the fancy and expensive packaging and elaborate cigar band that drive up prices of many cigars out there.

Questions about our Handmade Dominican Cheroots?  Email us anytime!  Worldwide cigar delivery on all brands.

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Our Dominican Prime Select cigars are medium to full-bodied handrolled cigars, and among the most elegant bundles cigars you’ll find. Made with 100% four year aged tobaccos, these Dominican cigar bundles are smooth, complex, and with a satisfying lingering finish that will be a pleasure for even the most ardent cigar connoisseur looking for quality at a reasonable price.

The Dominican Prime Select cigars are finished with the highest graded Ecuadorian Habano 2000 wrapper, with specially selected fillers and binder leaves from the Dominican Republic.

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