Robusto Grande – Box of 25

Cigar Length
Ring Gauge
Robusto, 5 x 52
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Country of Origin
Dominican Republic

Indian Tabac Cameroon Legend Robusto Grande cigars are blended to perfection- these fine cigars consist of African Cameroon wrappers, select Dominican republic long fillers. Extremely flavorful and very complex.

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    1. ZoSologist

      I never thought I would be the type of guy who would "settle on one cigar", but ever since my tobacconist recommended Rocky Patel's Cameroon Legend earlier this year it's the first thing I look for when entering the humidor. If you're getting a bit jadded on your cigar hobby, I recommend you try ITC's Cameroon Legend to remind you of why you became a cigard aficianodo in the first place. Its got "old school" style and flavor without the stigma of "sameness" and the type of cigar that gets better the shorter it gets. You'll want to take this one down to less than an inch. Kudos for packaging too; the colorful wrapper is worthy of a design award.

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