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Isla del Sol Gran Corona – Pack of 20

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The Isla del Sol Gran Corona cigar is covered with a dark Sumatra wrapper that surrounds a rare triple Nicaraguan leaf blend that is infused with and exotic Sumatra Mandheling bean coffee and adorned with a sweetened cap. The delectable flavor profile of creamy mocha and java notes will stimulate your palate, while the extremely enticing aromas will have you coming back for more.

All Isla del Sol cigars are available for international shipping with worldwide delivery as always, since 1998.



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From the makers of some of the top selling cigar brands on the market right now, Drew Estate Cigars, the Isla del Sol cigar is their reasonably priced cigar entry, and one that flies off the shelf due to its mouth-watering blend of Nicaraguan tobaccos infused with premium Sumatran Mandheling coffee beans. The end result is a superb richness of flavor, simply packed with notes of espresso, leather, and a sweet cream on the finish. Wow what an aroma, sure to please any cigar enthusiast, at a price that’ll keep you smiling!

As always, all our Drew Estate cigar brands are available through our international cigar delivery service including our tasty Isla del Sol cigars.

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    1. Ray Jermyn

      Dry taste is of chocolate, but in the top third of the cigar expect toffee, coffee and vanilla. By half way the Isla del Sol flavours became stronger, ending in a pleasant medium strength at the end. Excellent draw, best punch cut and I enjoyed mine paired with a caramel latte.

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