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Jetline Torch Tabletop Lighter

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Only 10 left in stock as of this update.  The sleek design of the Jetline G-4000 Tabletop Torch Lighter along with it’s very reasonable price, makes it an easy call to pick up one of these for your backyard herfs and after dinner cigar night on the back deck with your buddies. This is a double torch unit, equipped with two powerful blue torch jet flames, which are adjustable by the conveniently located valve slider. A flame safety lock also allows you to keep the flame lit of safely and securely off.  Standing at 6 1/4 inches high, with a wide base, this lighter is a solid and sturdy unit with a unique patent pending design and functionality.

All cigar lighters available for international delivery.  Looking for more detail about the Jetline Table Top Cigar Lighter?  Call, email or contact us via social media, anytime 24-7!


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