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Kentucky Cheroots – Pack of 25

Cigar Length
Ring Gauge
Cigarillo Cheroot
Availability: In Stock
Country of Origin
United States

For many years now, these rustic smokes have been made with 100% American grown dark fire-cured tobaccos from Kentucky and Tennessee.  These are blended with flavors of anisette and bourbon to create the warm, toasty, and robusto medium-full bodied smoke that you’ll find satisfying and enjoyable with every smoke.  The popular  Kentucky Cheroot is dry cured and rolled exclusively in the United States.

These country cigars are actually highly sought after worldwide, with customers from just about everywhere looking for these iconic cheroots, and we sell all we can get of these rough finished sticks that are popular for their rugged look and their bold and brawny smoke.  With their straight-rolled style, these cigars conjure up images of Clint Eastwood in his famous western movies.  Go ahead – Make your day with Kentucky Cheroots.

International cigar shipping is available on all Kentucky Cheroot cigars, with delivery times to many countries within about a week.  Cheroots are shipped well-packaged in ziplocks with a Boveda humi-pack included so as to ensure quality and freshness.  To clarify – Box shown in image here is for reference purposes only.  This pack does not come in a box.

Have questions about Kentucky Cheroot cigars or about the international cigar shipping service? Contact us today.  We’re here to help! Email us anytime or contact us by direct message through any of our social media channels.



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Kentucky Cheroots are bold, brawny and rugged western style cigarillos. A straight-rolled 5 1/2 cigar made from a select blend of 100% USA grown Dark Fired Kentucky  and Tennessee tobaccos, this cigar has an straight-shooting character that leaves no room for hesitation. When smoked, it delivers an elegant, highly aromatic smoke, with toasted notes hints of pepper, evolving into a nice spice on the finish.

As with all our fine cigars, our Kentucky Cheroots cigars are available for worldwide cigar delivery.

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    1. Barry McMurdock

      These cheroots are delicious !

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