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Toro – 5 Pack, by Espinosa Cigars

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Ranked the #13 best cigar of 2015 by Cigar Aficionado in their Top 25 in the world list, with a massive 94 rating. The Laranja Reserva Toro is an all-Nicaraguan blend that's finished with a "Brazilian Laranja wrapper" – the new name that Espinosa gave this distinct wrapper type with a hint of an orange hue. Upon his initial encounter with this tobacco, Espinosa was so captivated by its color and aroma, that he created an entire unique cigar line around this Brazilian wrapper.  The result, as pointed out by Cigar Aficionado in their rating: "The Toro serves as a bright and flavorful showcase for the wrapper, offering plenty of graham cracker flavor. But, as the wrapper and name suggests, we also detected a distinctly citrus-like quality and zest."

Get your Laranja Reserva Toros today, and remember that we do international delivery on cigars worldwide.

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