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mikes cigars sampler image
mikes cigar sampler image
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Mikes Cigar Sampler – 5 Cigars Personally Selected by Mike!

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If you’re one of our much-valued long term customers you’ll have dealt with Mike, our long serving GM here at Absolute Cigars who’s been with us since we launched our website in 1998. To reward Mike for his long service, we gave him a product of his own here on AC with a personalized sampler made up of some of his go-to cigars. Mikes Cigar Sampler gives you 5 premium cigars, each personally selected by Mike himself.  You get one each of the following premium cigars:

Perdomo Reserve 10th Anniversary Champagne Epicure
Oliva Serie V Double Toro
CAO L’Anniversaire Belicoso
AVO XO Intermezzo
Romeo y Julieta Reserva Real Magnum

This is the typical lineup of the Mikes Cigar Sampler, and from time to time, based on stock, or new tasty cigars he may choose, we may update the sampler, but always to something equally awesome!  This sampler of Mikes cigars are selections from his 25+ years in the business.  They’re cigars Mike loves and that are produced by manufacturers with whom he has established long term friendships and loyalties, such as Perdomo.

Here Mike explains, why Perdomo?  “At my first RTDA cigar trade show in 1998, I was just starting out in this business, tasked with cigar buying for Absolute Cigars, I was out of my depth and surrounded by guys who’d been in this business for decades.  Everybody seemed to know everybody.  Multiple guys from each shop working the booths together.  It seemed more social than business, and here I was, a nobody who knew nobody.  We were a small business, and I had shown up at the show alone, not knowing where to even start.  The guys at Perdomo didn’t look past me when I wandered onto their booth.  They were welcoming, genuinely friendly and just cool to me.  They spent a lot of time and really showed me the ropes.  Nick Perdomo shook my hand, and didn’t try to sell me a thing.  He talked to me about my hometown, about sports and travel.  He made sure their rep “Phil” took care of me, and he did.  To this day I steer our customers in every corner of the world toward Perdomo cigars whenever I can, and we’ve since sold hundreds of thousands of Perdomo cigars (including a great many Perdomo Champagne Epicures!).   I learned a business lesson from those guys that day.   Treating the little guy with respect costs you nothing;  says something about your brand; plus can and often does pays off down the road.”

Enjoy these great sticks!



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