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Colibri Montecristo Logo Cutter

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United States

What a terrific cutter for any cigar fan, let alone a Montecristo lover.  The Montecristo Colibri Cigar Cutter is a double bladed unit with an attractive ergonomic design containing two super sharp, stainless-steel blades. Made to the exacting standards we’ve come to expect from any Colibri manufactured product.

Perfect for any Montecristo cigars fan or collector as this unit is highlighted by the two classic Montecristo Cigars logos emblazoned on each side of this premium grade cigar cutter.  Do we ship worldwide?  Absolutely.  All our products are available for delivery internationally.


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Colibri is a luxury cigar accessory company that was founded in the United Kingdom in 1928. The company is known for their very special design acumen, leading the cigar accessory industry in consistently producing high-end products that are stylish and functional. Their focus is always on delivering exceptional design and with quality materials.

The Colibri product lineup includes premium cigar lighters, cigar cutters, humidors, as well as other cigar accessories, all of which are produced to the highest standards of innovative designs, incorporating unique materials and offering cutting-edge functionality and technology. A case in point being Colibri’s cigar lighters use a patented triple-jet flame system that provides a consistent and reliable flame, while Colibri cigar cutters are manufactured with a special high-quality grade stainless steel allowing for their trademark precision and smooth cut.

Colibri is well-known for their excellence in customer support, offering a wide range of customer resources for cigar enthusiasts, including product manuals, how-to guides, and attentive product support services.

Colibri is a trusted and highly respected brand in the world of cigar accessories, and indeed Colibri products are highly sought after by cigar fans worldwide, and we here are excited to offer their products, for twenty-plus years now.

Whether you’re looking for a stylish and functional cigar lighter, cutter, or humidor, Colibri has you covered with a wide range of products that are designed to enhance your cigar smoking experience.

All Colibri cigar accessories are available here for international shipping, with delivery to your door, worldwide.

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