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Montecristo Epic Toro – Box of 10

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True to its name, the Montecristo Epic Toro is fuller-bodied than other Montecristo premium cigars and provides a robust blend of uniquely complex flavors. Just one draw elicits wonderfully rich notes of chocolate, nuts, coffee, fruit, and caramel. The smoke is wonderfully round and aromatic. The Montecristo Epic cigar so special, so unique, so select, it needs to be experienced. It’s Epic.

Montecristo Epic Toros are packaged in beautifully unique boxes of 10, each including a certificate of authenticity signed by the skilled artisan who hand-crafted these superb cigars.  As with all our premium cigars, Montecristo Epic Toro cigars are available for international cigar delivery.  Call email or contact us anytime via social media for further details on the Montecristo Epic cigars.


Questions about Monetecristo Epic cigars? Email us anytime or contact us through any of our social media channels. Worldwide cigar delivery on all Montecristo Epic cigars.



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The development of the Montecristo Epic was assigned to a select team the most skilled and experienced cigar makers, known as the Grupo de Maestros. These cigar artisans, with centuries of experience between them and love of the cigar craft created a classic masterpiece – the Montecristo Epic.

All our Montecristo Epic cigars available for worldwide cigar delivery.

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