7000, Maduro - 5 Pack
7000, Maduro - 5 Pack
7000, Maduro - 5 Pack
No. 1, Four Pack
7000, Maduro - 5 Pack
No. 1, Four Pack
No. 1, Four Pack

Padron Aniversario 1926 No. 1, Maduro – 4 Pack

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ADVANCE ORDER OPPORTUNITY: We have an extremely limited supply of these very rare cigars arriving in the coming weeks. To reserve, place an order now, and your card will NOT be charged until the order is packed and ready to ship. First come first served basis only.

Rated 92 bt Cigar Insider, the Padron Aniversario 1926 No. 1 is among the rarest and most sought after cigar made by Padron. Made with specially aged tobaccos, the Padron 1926 Anniversary series was produced to commemorate the 75th birthday of Jose O. Padron. The Padron 1926 Anniversary cigars are full bodied powerhouse that is made with specially aged and selected tobaccos from Nicaragua.

Questions about Padron 1926 cigars? Call Toll free 866 838-9463. Worldwide on all Padron Anniversary Cigars!


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Cigar Length
6 3/4
Ring Guage
6 3/4 x 54
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