Toro, Connecticut Shade - Bundle of 25
Toro, Connecticut Shade - Bundle of 25
Torpedo - 5 Pack
Torpedo, Box of 25
Torpedo, Connecticut Shade - Bundle of 25
Torpedo - 5 Pack
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Perdomo Fresco Toro, Connecticut Shade – Bundle of 25

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Creamy, smooth and well-balanced, Perdomo Fresco Toro cigars are among our most popular Nicaraguan bundled cigars. The Perdomo Fresco cigar is a fine blend of deeply fermented Nicaraguan & Dominican Cuban seed tobaccos punctuated by a golden Connecticut shade grown wrapper chosen from the tobacco plant's 5th & 6th primings. This wrapper lends a rich, silky smooth quality. A medium-bodied cigar packaged in cigar bundles of 25 cigars.

Questions about Perdomo Fresco Toro cigars? Call Toll free 866 838-9463. Worldwide delivery on all Perdomo Fresco cigars.

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Perdomo are the makers of some of the finest Nicaraguan cigars on the market. Their philosophy as to Perdomo Fresco cigars was simple – create a premium cigar, flawlessly rolled, with a consistent burn, terrific taste, leave out the expensive box packaging and skip all the marketing. The Fresco delivers an affordable cigar from the award-winning Tabacalera Perdomo. A blend that’s composed of the finest aged Nicaraguan binder and long filler tobacco all grown on the famed Perdomo plantations throughout Nicaragua.

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    1. Pipon (verified owner)

      This is a great cigar, at a great price. Love the flavors, no complaints on construction or draw on the Perdomo Fresco Toro. Very consistent.

    2. DaveT (verified owner)

      What a great cigar. Good draw, flavour, lots of smoke, nice build. I have had 4 out of my first bundle and no problems. I'm very pleased. As for the price on Perdomo Frescos?. You can't beat them!

    3. GreedyTony (verified owner)

      I'm a loyal Perdomo Fresco smoker. Was pleasantly surprised on how mild this cigar was. Flavor was there, but expected maybe a little more. Construction was good. Burn was consistent. Draw was a little tight, but opened up after the first inch or so. Not disappointed with the smoke itself, but could be better. Good cigar to start the day off, then move up to something with a little more bite, like a Perdomo Golf or a Champagne. Would give it 4 stars if it had just a touch more flavor.

    4. fasteddie (verified owner)

      <i>Perdomo Fresco Toro cigars</i> are very nice light smokes, great for the begining cigar smoker. Nice draw, lots of smoke, with no harshness or burning on the tongue. A good morning starter cigar.

    5. Otis (verified owner)

      Great cigar. The Perdomo Fresco Toro has a perfect burn. Great taste. Nice smell. Fantastic price point. ENJOY.

    6. Jang (verified owner)

      The cigars arrived today, I appreciate your service and will order again. Best Regards.

    7. cell29 (verified owner)

      My cigars have been delivered in perfect condition, I am very satisfied. Perdomo Fresco is a good choice.

    8. charlie (verified owner)

      These puppies arrived swiftly to Blighty. Good construction, even burn and plenty of smoke
      Described as medium flavour on the the website but I personally think they are light.
      not bad.

    9. Fairis (verified owner)

      My Perdomo Frescos arrived today. Great delivery with nicely pack, appreciate much…yet so fast of delivery, great taste of it, will try another cigars in future with chocolate flavours, thanks yeah…

    10. Rahul Malhotra (verified owner)

      Very good stick, New to smoking cigars but this Perdomo Fresco Toro was a very good experience, and I will definitely continue my cigar smoking journey!

    11. beni poh (verified owner)

      Cigar was in good condition. Draw was good throughout, dense smoke, aromatic, mild, was a pleasant first experience with a Perdomo Fresco Toro cigar.

    12. Wonkil Jeong (verified owner)

      My cigars arrived here South Korea today! I appreciate you guys. Thank you, and these have great taste.

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