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CAO Brazilia Pirhana – 5 pack

Cigar Length
4 1/2
Ring Gauge
Petit Corona
Availability: Out of Stock
Country of Origin

CAO Brazilia Pirhana cigars are highlighted by their outstanding beautiful, rich, brown wrapper leaf from Brazil. Aged to perfection and blended with rich yet smooth Nicaraguan fillers. If you enjoy full-bodied cigars, you must put this on your list of cigars to try. Rich in complex flavors that will have you coming back for more.

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Years in the making, CAO Brazilia cigars The brand that put Brazilian wrappers on the map are among the most popular in the CAO range. CAO Brazilia’s lustrous wrapper is aged to perfection and expertly blended with fine Nicaraguan fillers, resulting in a full bodied premium cigar with an earthy, nutty and floral quality with a long, and luxurious finish.

This is CAO’s boldest cigar blend to date. Upon first light of this unique South American flavor bomb, you’ll note a complex blend of full-bodied flavor ranging from bold and spicy, to earthy, nutty and natural sweetness. The CAO Brazilia builds to a finish with a blast of black pepper that’ll have you coming back for more. It’s simply among the most complex premium cigars available on the world market. The CAO Brazilia cigar is a perfect recommendation for well seasoned experienced smokers and is a fitting tribute to a country that’s celebrated for beautiful people, places and things.

As always, all our fine CAO Brazilia cigars are available for international delivery.

CAO’s innovative philosophy has been in place now for decades and continues today. Their never-ending quest to produce new and unique blends is captured in their mission statement:

“We’ll go anywhere to find the exceptional tobacco we’re looking for.  And we have. We’ve been all over the world, procuring some of the finest and rarest leaf known to man.  The jungles of the Amazon. The mountains of Colombia. The valleys of the Dominican Republic and the volcanoes of Nicaragua. And nearly every point on the map in between.

In all our travels, we’ve discovered something. When we remove boundaries, borders, and limits from the process, what we’re left with is a tobacco experience unlike any other.”

Check out all the state-of-the-art CAO cigar brands we offer today, and check back often for new CAO releases and special offers.

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    1. Stacks Overflow

      A powerful cigar, as strong and full bodied as Cohibas. Spicy tastes and the tangy, lemony (soursweet) flavors characteristic of Brazilian maduro leaf. Very good burn and draw. An excellent cigar, this one got smoked down to the nub.

    2. canuk

      Very enjoyable indeed. Perfect burn with a dark almost black wrapper. Not over powering yet has enough strength and flavour to make one sit up and notice. Well worth a try.

    3. coldsmoke

      A rich full bodied cigar with espresso coffee aroma. Very well built cigar packed tightly, but suprisingly easy to draw. A nice treat for the palate.

    4. bfortin

      This is a really nice short smoke. Attractive wrapper. It's almost like two cigars in one. First half is flavourful and smooth, yet strong and peppery. The other half is a punch of leathery taste and spices. I smoke it until it burns my fingers. Maybe I was unlucky but there's one bad thing is the burning. I had to re-light up 4 times.

    5. Jordan

      A nice little cigar with spice and ceder undertones. I found that it had a very enjoyable taste of thick apple sauce. Very powerful and very satisfying!

    6. Tony

      You definitely have to be in the mood for a full bodied cigar to enjoy the <i>CAO Brazilia cigar</i> line but when you are in that mood, nothing will scratch that itch like them. The level of black pepper flavor in this cigar is over the top but after a meal like steak au poivre with red wine this cigar is exceptional.

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