Gordo, EMS (White) - 5 Pack
Gordo, EMS (White) - 5 Pack
Maduro Gordo - Box of 20
Pancho  - Pack of 20

Psyko Seven Toro, EMS (White) – 5 Pack

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Country of Origin
Dominican Republic

There's really nothing ordinary about Psyko Seven cigars. A 92 rated Dominican cigar that features no less than seven premium tobaccos from six countries, Psyko Seven Toro cigars simply redefine your idea of complexity. What we would normally say about a cigar's taste would not do justice to this stick. It overflows with mild to bold flavors that'll wake up your taste buds with an experience like no other.

The Psyko Seven Gordo cigar is available in cool boxes of 20 and also in 5 packs. All Psyko Seven cigars available for worldwide delivery.


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