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Rocky Patel Edicion Unica 2011, Toro – 5 Pack

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Now very rare Rocky cigars – The Rocky Patel Edicion Unica Toro was released in late October 2012 and was awarded the Cigar of the Year Award at the Honduran Cigar Festival.  Now regarded by many as one of Rocky’s best cigars.  This small batch release is the perfect balance between strength and body with its medium to full strength. The flavors are rich and deep from start to finish, thus this is a classic full-bodied Rocky Patel premium cigar.

Right up there with his best work, Rocky has another winner with the The Rocky Patel Edicion Unica 2011 Toro cigar.  Call or email for more info or with questions on any of our fine Rocky Patel cigars.

Extremely limited production with only 1,000 trays of 100 produced annually, so these are not widely available.  What we have left of the current production – once they’re gone, they’re gone forever.  A truly essential cigar for Rocky Patel Cigar fans.


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The story behind the award winning Rocky Patel Edicion Unica goes back to 2011 when Rocky Patel Cigars entered a unique cigar blend into the Humo Jaguar Cigar Festival, a renowned event held in Honduras. Rocky submitted a unique Honduran puro that had been hand-rolled at the El Paraiso Cigar factory using a blend of mild-medium tobaccos selected from small farms which produce limited yields.

Well, this unique cigar with very rare tobaccos ended up taking top honors in the competition. Naturally, the special blend was in immediate high-demand, and Rocky released this award winning cigar to the public, of course only in small batches due to the scarcity of the rare small-farm grown tobaccos. He named the cigar the Edicion Unica 2011, and gave it a beautiful, special cigar band and packaging. When you get a chance to pick up some of these, when they’re in stock, take the opportunity to treat yourself to an award-winning Rocky cigar!

As told by Rocky himself recently to Tobacco Business Magazine, “We’ve created a brand that has quality and consistency.  The one thing you learn when you smoke a Rocky Patel cigar is that you’re going to get a consistent, great quality cigar.  You’re going to get a cigar that is diverse and has a unique flavor and brand profile.  It’s going to be fun, hip, sexy and cool.”

Rocky Patel Edicion Unica cigars shipped worldwide.

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