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Nicaraguan Bundles Shaggy Foot Toro – Bundle of 20

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Ever tried a Shaggy Foot cigar?  These are hand-rolled in the classic Cuban style and tradition, our Nicaraguan Shaggy Foot Toro cigars are medium bodied and finished with a distinctive “shaggy foot” or unfinished foot in the last 1/2 inch of the stick, very similar to the hugely popular Gurkha Shaggy cigars which are well known for this style of finish.  These 6 x 54 toros are finished with a sixth priming oily Habano wrapper along with Nicaraguan binders and fillers.  For those new the the concept of the Shaggy cigar, what make it unique is that its wrapper doesn’t extend all the way to bottom of the cigar foot, so doesn’t cover the binder and filler leaves of the cigar on the bottom portion of the foot, say the last inch or so. The rational on this is that for a few moments you’ll get to experience the taste profile of the cigar without the influence of the wrapper leaf. Therefore, say it’s proponents, you get to enjoy two distinct smoking experiences – Initially the core blend of the cigar. then once the burn has arrived at the wrapper, you experience the complete cigar including the wrapper, which of course provides the most substantial part of the flavor profile of the overall cigar. A unique cigar experience that many find interesting and highly enjoyable.

A terrific cigar at a great price with complex flavors of cedar, chocolate and oak.  This hand-rolled Nicaraguan cigar has loads of character that will leave you always wanting these available in your humidor.  Nicaraguan Shaggy Foot Toro Cigars shipped internationally with your full satisfaction guaranteed.


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