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All the cigars are Sold Out, but we have a few remeaining empty boxes.  VERY highly sought-after collectible boxes.  All are used shefl units, and may have minor scuffs or scratches, but have been very well cared for and handled minimally so all are in excellent condition

More about the cigar background: For the third consecutive year, Camacho Cigars released a new limited edition cigar. The latest was the Camacho Shellback, and it was the initial cigar of the new “Brotherhood Series”.

A shellback refers to a sailor (or Marine) who has crossed the equator for the first time. Typically the milestone is done as a rite of initiation. Given this is something that often goes to an armed forces role, Shellbacks have also served as freedom fighters. An analogy to Shellback works with the tobacco as the blend features an Ecuadorian wrapper (Ecuador, located on the equator) and Nicaragua (north of the equator).

The Camacho Shellback cigar is medium to full-bodied in strength and is full of hearty notes of pepper, exotic spice, cedar sweetness, and earth tones.  Another terrific cigar from Camacho, which, being a Limited Edition, will really not last long on the shelves.  The Shellback cigar has been released in just one size, a 6 x 50 Toro. Production was just 4,000 boxes for a total of only 80,000 cigars.

The Shellback follows the 2013’s Camacho Blackout and 2014’s Double Shock as annual limited releases by the company.


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